Hello, and Welcome to my Website, It is great to have you here.

With my 30 Years of Experience in the Shipping, Logistics, management and Supply Chain, It will be my Honor to Serve you and your company.

مدرب دولي معتمد باكاديميه كنجستون البريطانيه وممثل الاكاديميه بمصر

International  Certified Trainer and Kingston Business Academy, UK,Representative in Egypt.

This is the place to order one of my team services, which we will be honored to offer to you personally or to your team .

I am  Co-operating with  Partners in Malaysia, Dubai and M.East to offer the highest quality of training and certification.

I represent one of the best Business Academies, Namely Kingston Business Academy in Egypt as their Representative.

Services Include:

1-Personal and Corporate Training in the Fields of Shipping, Operations, Logistics, Business, Management, HR, Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

2- Lectures and Instructing to Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students in the same fields.

3-Research Methodology Training and Thesis writing workshops and assistance.

4-Hosting Management Courses.

5-Global Certificates
Tests Preparations in the Field of Logistics, Shipping and Supply Chain

6-Logistics, Shipping and Management Consultancy.
We can help you to establish your Shipping agency, Freight Forwarding Company, Export import Department or set up your best Supply Chain Structure. We can assist also with Management and HR Consultancy.

You can Contact us as Follow:

Mobile: + 2011-53771585   +2010-94095127  +2012-20101198
WhatsApp: +2010-94095127
 Email: abadawi@fastmail.net 

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