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Logistics and Supply Chain Management professional Diploma

Full aspects of Logistics, Shipping, International Transport  and Supply Chain Management

Part One – Logistics Management

1- Introduction to Logistics, Main functions of Logistics and their relation to the Supply chain.

2- International Shipping, Types of Cargoes, Types of Ships, Shipping Services, Shipping Lines, Ports Functions and Key players in the Shipping Process.

3-Ports, operations and role in the international trsde.

4- Air Freight, Inland Trucking and Intermodal shipping.

5- Global trade, Import, Export, Trade Documentation and Incoterms.

6-Warehousing and Inventory management.

7- Logistics documentation.

8-Freight Forwarding, Cargo booking and Freight terms.

9-Incoterms and Bills of Lading

10- Customs Clearance.

9- Latest Trends in Logistics, 3PL, 4PL, 5PL, Reverse Logistics and Green Logistics.

Part Two Supply Chain Management

1 —Introduction to Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Environment and Process Choices

2—Demand Management, Characteristics of Demand, Forecasting

3—Master Planning, S&OP, Master Scheduling and Master Production Schedule

4—Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Bill of Material

5- Inventory Management & Costs, Order Quantity, Re-order system, Safety Stock & ABC Inventory.

6- Purchasing and Physical Distribution

7- Transportation

8- Warehousing, Purpose of Warehousing, Processes and Activities, Public versus private warehousing

9—Lean and Theory of Constrains

Course is 10Lectures X 4 hours, Online, plus additional hours for case studies and projects.

Certificate from Kingston Business Academy.
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