All Courses could be given In class or Online

Certificates from : ” Malaysia Institute of Logistics and Management” available on request.


Digital Ports Management

Ship Chartering and Brokerage Course.

Logistics and International Transport Course.

Warehousing Management Course.

Carriage of Goods By Sea Acts COGSA

This is a very Important Course to Start  understanding Some Maritime Law Concepts.

Basics and Advanced Marketing Course.

 Smart Ports Course.

Ship Agency Course, International Freight Forwarding Course and General Cargo Operations Course.

Agency Operations        Int’l Freight Forwarding         General Cargo OPS  

Innovation and Digitization in Logistics, Blockchain and New Trends Course.

Entrepreneurship Course


Ports Operations Course

Supply Chain Management

Marine Insurance and Claims

Research Methodology and Academic Writing Course.

Writing your Academic Paper, Basics, Techniques, Referencing Styles, Tools to help you as mendeley,End Note and Others.

 Learn what is Hosting and How to establish your own Hosting company starting from $ 20 Only.

معنا يمكنك أن تتعلم كيف تبدأ شركتك الخاصه لأستضافه وأداره  مواقع الانترنت فقط برأس مال 20 دولار فقط. تدريب عملي وتقنيه ودعم فني من احد مهندسينا الذين يعملون في المجال اكثر من 10 سنوات

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